Stop the mean behind the screen.

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How we can help.


1 Monitor

Sign into your BulliPatrol dashboard and add your child's Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts so that our AI technology can start monitoring for signs of cyberbullying.


2 Analyze

By analyzing the emotional intent of words and phrases commented, sent, or posted to your child's social media accounts, our servers are able to determine when negative activity occurs.


3 Alert

If an increase of negative activity occurs on your child's social media, you will receive an email or text notification. These notifications include a list of resources which you and your child can use to seek help.


Watch for negative activity anywhere, anytime.

BulliPatrol makes it easy to glance at your child's online activity in one place.

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Until BulliPatrol came along, the decision has been all or nothing. Either connect with them and see everything, or don’t and see nothing.
— Melany R.
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