Nancy Alexander's Experience with Cyberbullying

I’m grateful for a long, storied career in broadcasting. For over 30 years, I had the honor and pleasure of entertaining Tampa Bay on radio and television.  I’m fortunate to have made so many connections with audiences through the years that were and still are overwhelmingly lovely.

It’s helpful for public people to have thick skin. However, I’m not one of those public people. Unkind words go through my tissue paper dermis and straight to my heart and camp right next to my insecurity guard.

I’m not controversial with my brand of humor, but you can’t please everyone, even though I sure would like to. Entertaining and making others laugh fuels my smiling soul. Should I occasionally offer an on-air opinion, I’d always be paid in hate mail and ugly posts. Often the criticism wasn’t about what I said, but about me personally. Sometimes the meanness got VERY personal, as though whomever hit ‘Send’ believed I woke up that morning to offend them particularly.

One specific utterance comes to mind. I said on-air at the ramp-up of a presidential election that I thought female candidates were getting unfair criticism from the press because they were women.  Steaming mad listeners’ posts from both sides of the political aisle began flying off keyboards telling me to shut up and stick to stupid jokes. The prevailing sentiment was that I’m a dumb blonde who’s not qualified to offer an opinion, apparently on anything.

Competitors were relentlessly mean. Nothing challenges a radio guy’s understanding of The Rules of the World like a powerful, well-paid woman in a man mafia business, earning a living with the contents of her not unattractive head. I never mentioned my competitors on the air, ever, let alone say anything mean. It would have been unauthentic coming from me, but I still wish sometimes I had the guts to return a verbal punch.

A nice person doesn’t have to be defenseless.

A nice kid should have back-up, too. Kids can be awful to each other.  Ugly words can last a lifetime, which is why partnering with BulliPatrol is personally important as both a bully target and a mom.

It’s dangerous in cyberspace. With BulliPatrol in your parenting tool box, your child knows they have a teammate in you, and you’ll know when things get ugly.

BulliPatrol. Stop the mean behind the screen.