Cyberbullying, Suicide, and How to Prevent This From Happening

Tweens and teens are years from forming a clear self-concept, so they tend to see themselves through the reflection in their peers’ eyes. It’s perilous territory at best, lethal at worst.

New, startling numbers from the Center for Disease Control are enough to put us on what could be considered a national suicide watch. According to their analysis, suicide rates among all age groups 10 and above increased 25 percent between 1999 and 2016.  It’s anyone’s educated guess as to the cause of this troubling statistic, but we can sadly include our children as being at greater risk of taking their own lives.

We can do better.

We can start by protecting our kids’ already delicate self esteem from coming under attack in cyberspace.  The mean kid in their class or on the playground now has potentially unlimited negative influence on our kids through the power of social media, which we know can lead to depression, anxiety, and in increasing numbers, the unthinkable.

BulliPatrol was borne from the need for a modern parenting tool to help navigate a cyber landscape chock full of emotional landmines for our children.  We help you and your child work together on staying safe online by identifying and alerting you of negative activity, without compromising your child’s privacy.

It’s tough to be a kid...even on the best day. With BulliPatrol, parents know they’re helping assure their children have many, many more better days ahead.