Why Your Child Isn’t Telling You That They Are Cyberbullied

Less than half of children who are cyberbullied will tell their parents. This seems strange considering many parents see themselves as a vehicle for solving issues like cyberbullying for their children. Why wouldn’t a child want to tell their parents about such a tragic experience in their life? Even parents who are particularly close with their children may be facing such barriers. Read on to find out why...

1.      Bullies are notoriously gifted at picking out insecurities in their victims. If your child has an insecurity that they aren’t ready to face, they’d have to confront it when they mention their bullying experience and you ask the inevitable question of, “What are they bullying you about?”.

2.   When it comes to handling cyberbullying, is your first thought to call the school and the bully’s parents? That’s what your kid may be afraid of. Some kids don’t want justice, they just want the bullying to stop.

3.      If cyberbullying is enabled by electronic devices, can’t the problem just be solved by taking the phones and laptops away? Technically yes, but your child would feel punished because they are having to give something up even though they didn’t do anything wrong.

4.      Is your life stress obvious to your child? Some kids don’t want to burden their parents with their problems because they know how stressed you are already.

5.      Bullying is really confusing for children because they haven’t had enough experience in life to understand that insecurities motivate bullying. Some kids even think that bullying is their fault, which causes them to think they shouldn’t mention it because they think they deserve it.

6.      Bullies verbally attack their victims, but also threaten them. The bully may have told your child that the bullying would get worse if they told anyone.

7.      Perhaps your child tried to confront you about it in a roundabout way, but you didn’t understand it. They may have been too afraid for the above reasons to ask for help directly, but perhaps they tried to address the issue in indirect ways.

If your child isn’t telling you that they are being cyberbullied, what can you do?

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Thea Fries