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BulliPatrol answers the question on every parent’s mind,
”How do I keep my children safe online?”

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As the lines between work and life overlap like never before and the competition for talent increases, it’s critical that employers offer their employees benefits tailored to them as individuals. By offering BulliPatrol you help protect your employee’s children from cyberbullying and harassment.

The research shows adding employee benefits:


Improve Productivity & Engagement

+79% of employees say having work/life balance makes them more productive and engaged.


Drive Recruitment & Retain Top Talent

80% of employees say that benefits are the deciding factor in taking a new job or staying with their current company.


Increase Employee Satisfaction

+49% of employees say perks give them a better quality of life and make them feel valued.


Why BulliPatrol?

It’s in the numbers. Your employees can’t do it alone:

  • 59% of teens are bullied online

  • Only 10% of those who are bullied will report it

  • 2.75 million students stayed home from school because of online bullying

BulliPatrol is an online monitoring service that uses natural language processing and emotion analysis to send actionable alerts to parents when their child is being bullied or harassed online. BulliPatrol monitors Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Android messaging, all while maintaining your child’s privacy. Through a few simple steps, children can add their social media accounts to the BulliPatrol dashboard, available 24/7.


Partner with BulliPatrol

We are here to support you throughout the entire journey so that you can focus on supporting your #1 resource, your employees and their families.


BulliPatrol offers:

  • Customized packages: offered as a company perk, discount or voluntary benefit

  • Personalized service and dedicated account management team

  • Streamlined implementation and employee sign-up support

  • A variety of payment options: payroll deduction, credit card, invoicing

Using a broker? Not a problem. We will work directly with your broker to incorporate BulliPatrol into your benefits portfolio.

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Stopthemean_tagline 2.png

About BulliPatrol

BulliPatrol is a family focused company with the goal to stop the mean behind the screen and end cyberbullying. As parents, we understand the critical need to establish communication with our children in this always connected world.

BulliPatrol is an AI driven social media monitoring tool for families. BulliPatrol currently monitors Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Android messaging. Utilizing the latest language processing software, BulliPatrol scores social media messages and comments as positive or negative. We build trust, not spies, because we monitor while respecting a child’s privacy. It’s what sets us apart.

Parents receive timely, actionable alerts via text or email whenever social behavior changes. These alerts contain helpful resources that allow parents to take the necessary steps towards protecting their children, seeking counseling, and discussing the effects of cyberbullying experienced by their child. Intervention is key.

Employers can join us in our mission by offering their employees the benefit that protects their children and provides peace of mind. BulliPatrol is available direct or through brokers as a company perk, voluntary benefit or discount benefit.