BulliPatrol FAQ

Is BulliPatrol a paid service?

Yes, BulliPatrol is a service for you to use for your family. Our service monitors multiple social media platforms on a constant basis for a low monthly service fee.

Where can I go to seek help for my child?

Please visit our Resources page for more information.

Is BulliPatrol a counseling service?

BulliPatrol is not a counseling service but we do provide next step information including hotlines and counseling centers for those experiencing cyber bullying.

How many accounts can I connect?

Our current pricing allows you to add up to 4 accounts per child.

Do you make it easy to cancel?

Yes! Unlike other sites, you can cancel the service at any time from My Account page.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No. You may cancel at any time prior to the start of your next billing cycle starting.

Which social media accounts do you monitor?

We currently monitor Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Any other social media applications added in the future will automatically be covered by existing monthly plans and fees.

I am on the church, school or community council. Do you offer programs for them?

Please contact us at letstalk@bullipatrol.com with more information about your program. One of our community specialists will contact you. Thank you!

Do you monitor every message?

Our intent is to capture and analyze every message sent to and from a connected account. However, there are times where as a computer service we use may lose its connection, the social media platform goes down, or there is another service interruption.

We strongly encourage you to keep an eye on trend data we provide through our dashboard view. If content is trending negative, talk to your child about changes in friends or other life events which may be causing this.

If your question was not answered, feel free to contact us below! 

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